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Strong and enforceable building codes are essential to crafting resilient communities that can withstand threats posed by the natural environment. For states in the beginning stages of implementing this important process, there are several steps to success. The Institute for Business & Home Safety has assembled a series of video presentations to guide local governments through the procedures for training building inspectors, setting up a building department and the other duties associated with code enforcement. This instruction was made possible with the help of product manufacturers and their respective trade associations to illustrate the proper installation of key construction components.

While originally developed for Louisiana, it became apparent that this training would be useful in other Gulf Coast states. This series will be available free to the public for two years, thanks to a generous donation from Travelers, an IBHS member company. Please view the Welcome from Travelers by clicking on the image below.

To proceed to the training, select the program from the tabbed menu at the top of this page, or click here to continue.

IBHS may choose to update the compatibility of the videos at some later date.

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